5 Best Reasons to Quit Smoking

Remind yourself of all the rewards of quitting smoking to stay on track.

Losing sight of your objective is easy, especially when a strong craving hits. You start losing focus on all the benefits of quitting. Yet, there is not one good reason as to why you smoke but more reasons to quit.

Benefits of Immediate Rewards

When smoking, the chemicals reaches your lungs fast when inhaling, and your blood carries the toxins to every part of your body. Yet, after quitting 20-minutes, your heart rate and blood pressure drop, starting the healing process. After 12-hours, the carbon monoxide in your bloodstream starts to drop to normal. Your body eradicates the nicotine within your first three days.

As the body starts to heal, you can feel worse, and withdrawal is challenging but is a sign that your body is healing. After three months, your lungs begin to function better, and the risk of getting a heart attack drops. Not only is the risk of coronary heart disease more minor, but you also cough less and breathe easier.

Long-Term Benefits

Quitting adds years to your life, especially if you stopped before 40, as it helps reduce smoking-related diseases. However, there is no limit in age to quit. You can stop at any time, even if you are 54. After not smoking for five years, the risk of getting mouth, throat, bladder cancer, or a stroke is reduced.

Reaching ten years, the chance of dying from lung cancer or the risk of pancreatic or kidney cancer can decrease. Once you quit for 15 years, the risk of getting coronary heart disease is similar to a non-smoker. Stay smoke-free and take control of your life by quitting.

With time, the risk of death related to smoking diseases becomes lower. Not only will you add some years to your life, but you are keeping your loved ones out of harm’s way caused by secondhand smoke. Set an example by showing your family that you can quit and live without cigarettes.

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