The Benefits of Quitting and Staying Healthy

Smoking changes every part of your body, from the brain to your DNA!

You already know the adverse effects of quitting smoking. Are you still hesitating to stop smoking? Read on to find out the benefits of quitting and staying healthy.

#1 Re-wire Your Brain Starting Today

Quitting smoking helps break the cycle of your addiction. Your nicotine receptors in the brain turn back to their average level after a month of your quit.

#2 Turn Back the Clock of Time

Your hearing will sharpen even a mild hearing loss allowing you to do the task right the first time around. Your night vision will improve as stopping smoking improves your eyesight. You will have a clean mouth after a few days of quitting leaving you with a brighter smile. Even your skin looks clearer as one of the best anti-aging lotions is to stop smoking.

#3 Reverse The State of Your Heart

Once you stop smoking, you can reverse the effects of heart risk. It helps lower your blood pressure leaving your heart working at an improved rate. Your blood will start to move freely around your body, and it lowers your cholesterol to get rid of all the fatty deposits that built up over the years.

#4 Improve Your Lung Capacity

While the scars on your lungs from smoking are not reversible, you can prevent permanent damage when you quit smoking. After two weeks of not smoking, you will notice a significant change when walking up a flight of stairs without gasping for your breath. You will prevent the effects of getting emphysema that is not curable. Lastly, your cilia in the lungs regrow to regain their normal function fast after quitting smoking. You will cough more than usual, but all it means is that the cilia are regaining their life.

#5 Lower Your Risk of Getting Sick

Once you stop smoking, it prevents more damage to your DNA, helping repair your body if you get sick. The best way to lower the risk of getting ill with cancer is to stop smoking.

#6 Boost Your Immune System

You have always dreamed of a streamlined body, including your tummy. Quitting smoking can help reduce the fat around your belly. Furthermore, it lowers the risk of getting diabetes. Stopping smoking lowers your blood sugar levels keeping them in check.

As a female, your estrogen levels return to normal. If you plan on having children, quitting helps increase your chance of having a healthy pregnancy. Even a man will find his body goes through sexual healing and erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past.

Your body will begin to heal from injuries as your white blood cell count returns fighting diseases. Your blood flow improves, providing the body with healthy nutrients to reach the organs helping with healing. In turn, this leads to a stronger immune system without nicotine and tar.

#7 Your Body Becomes Stronger

Lastly, quitting smoking helps increase the oxygen in your blood to build strong muscles and bones.

So keep your body strong by setting up your quit plan today. You can only benefit when stopping.

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