The Best Health Related Reasons to Quit Smoking

Extend your life by quitting smoking! Remove the harmful effects today!

Smoking is harmful to every organ in your body. Not only is it harmful the adverse effects take place immediately. Learn what smoking can do to your body right here.

Nicotine Affects the Brain

Smoking is just as addictive as using heroin and hard to beat. Why it changes your brain in how you think. The brain starts developing added nicotine receptors to accommodate the doses of nicotine. Once your brain stops getting its daily fix, it results in a withdrawal of the chemical. You start feeling irritable and crave a smoke.

Your Face

The first effect of smoking is the reduced oxygen to your ears in the cochlea resulting in permanent damage leading to mild hearing loss. Next, it starts to change your eyes, leading to eyesight concerns as it restricts the production of the chemical, allowing you to see at night. Furthermore, you are at risk of developing cataracts or macular degeneration leading to blindness.

Your mouth starts developing oral health concerns from gum diseases, ulcers to sores, and you start losing your teeth at a young age. Not only can it lead to cancer in your mouth your skin on the face becomes dry. You end up with stretch marks and wrinkles, leaving your skin tone look dull.

It Puts Pressure on Your Heart

The heart becomes stressed as your blood pressure rises, and with time it weakens your heart. The heart is a vital organ providing blood to the rest of your body. Every time you inhale carbon monoxide, it causes a lack of oxygen, making your heart work harder.

Your blood becomes sticky and thick make it harder for your heart to work. Eventually, it forms blood clots blocking blood flow to the brain, heart, and legs. With time the thick sticky blood damages the blood vessels lining, increasing the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.

You start suffering from cholesterol as the unhealthy fats from smoking increase and start circulating in your blood. The arteries in your heart start narrowing with the buildup of the fats blocking your normal blood flow. Eventually, this leads to a heart attack or amputation of your toes and feet in your legs.

Smoking Leaves Strain on Your Lungs

Smoking makes your chest feel tight as it causes inflammation in the airways and tissues. Your chest starts to gasp, and you are always short-breathed. It changes your lungs with continued inflammation, making it harder to breathe, and years of irritation lead to a chronic cough ending up in emphysema. When this happens, it can lead to your death.

You can also get cilia and respiratory infections. The cilia help clean out your lungs from dirt and mucus to keep them clear. When you smoke, it causes temporarily paralyzes, or it can kill the cilia leaving you at risk of getting lung infections.

Smoking Changes Your DNA

One of the primary diseases caused by smoking is cancer. Every puff you take damages your DNA, getting all messed up. The cells get out of control, creating cancer tumors, and even if your body tries to repair, smoking wears your system down. Eventually, you can end up with lung cancer.

Nicotine Causes Hormone and Stomach Problems

Another reason why smoking is wrong is that it makes your belly bigger with less muscle. Smokers are also more likely to develop type two diabetes and make it harder for you to control. Even worse, if you are a female smoker, it lowers your estrogen levels. This leaves your hair thin, skin dry, and you get memory problems. Furthermore, it can lead to early menopause, increasing the risk of developing heart disease.

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