The Brutal Truth about Why Quitting is Hard

Quitting is the hardest thing any smoker can do!

Yet, millions of smokers have been able to quit, and so can you. The first step is to ask yourself why you are smoking. Once you understand why you smoke, preparing yourself to quit, finding the best ways to do it becomes simpler. To help identify your smoking triggers and learning how to manage your cravings works best with a quit plan. In turn, this allows you to explore a variety of quit methods to help you on your way.

Why Do Smokers Keep Smoking?

The main reason is the withdrawal of nicotine, as it makes you addicted to smoking. Your body is used to having nicotine, and the more you smoke, the more of it you need. When you stop smoking, you start feeling uncomfortable from the nicotine withdrawal craving to smoke. Yes, it takes time to get over your withdrawal but does not last forever. However, your cigarette craving can stick around longer, but there are ways to help prepare you for your withdrawals.

Other Urges That Make You Want to Keep Smoking

Next, as a non-smoker, you will go through different triggers reminding you to smoke. It can be a person smoking around you or a place where people are permitted to smoke. All of these triggers urge you to smoke, and dealing with them helps. The best is to avoid places where you can smoke and go to a theater, non-smoking restaurant, or shops.

Spend less time with people that smoke as you will want to light a cigarette when around them. Try to keep the hands busy by playing a game, squeezing a stress ball, or eating a healthy snack. Take some deep breaths reminding yourself why you are quitting.

Take Part in a Quit Smoking Program

These programs help you to understand and cope when you try to stop smoking. You learn problem solving with coping skills to help you stop smoking for good. You will know why you smoke, and it teaches you to handle the different nicotine withdrawal symptoms that can lead to stress. Furthermore, it teaches you tips to resist lighting a cigarette.

There are numerous quitting programs available, from text message programs, smartphone apps, social media groups, and talking to Quitline experts. No matter how difficult it is, there is always someone available to help such as a quit smoking counselor.

Never give up and if you fail, try again.

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