Get the Connection between COVID-19 and Smoking 

The pandemic is still a global concern, primarily if you use a vape or smoke. Why it attacks your lungs. But is that all! 

Read the Conclusive Evidence

When you smoke, it weakens your immune system increasing your risk of infectious diseases and respiratory infections. These two are significant concerns leading to cancer and other chronic health conditions. The FDA stated in 2020 that people smoking has an increased risk of getting the COVID-19 virus with worse outcomes.

However, nothing has changed as another study from the University of California also found that smokers could get severe or even critical conditions leading to death compared to non-smokers. The research shows that 30% of people with a smoking history of 218 patients had severe outcomes compared to the 17.6% that did not smoke in the analyses done of 12k COVID-19 patients.

Another Growing Concern

Evidence is that vaping can also harm your lungs’ health, placing you at a greater risk of getting the latest Covid virus. The fact is if you use e-cigarettes, the likeliness is five times more to contracting the virus compared to other people who do not use tobacco products. Furthermore, if you smoke cigarettes and vape, you are seven times more likely to contract respiratory diseases.

This is of Great Concern 

As there is no complete cure for the coronavirus, you must quit using tobacco products, including e-cigs. The fact is over the recent year, more younger people are hospitalized for the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control data.

A Word from Better Health Magazine

Teens and young adults are using the vape more than ever before. The most common reasons are that overcoming nicotine addiction is not easy as it triggers anxiety and stress. Therefore, if you are finding yourself smoking or vaping, there are different ways to quit. You can find many programs online designed for your specific needs. Alternatively, you can check out this great article to get you back on track to enjoy a smoke-free life.

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