Going Cold Turkey? First Read This

Are you planning to go “cold turkey?”

Then we recommend first reading this before trying to quit smoking before going cold turkey.

The Meaning of Cold Turkey

The best way to describe going cold turkey is to quit smoking abruptly without the support of medications or plans. Many smokers believe going this route of quitting is by willpower alone. To some extent, this is true as some smokers can do it on willpower alone. But, unfortunately, not all people are the same able to white-knuckle it.

Cold Turkey Not as Successful

According to research done over the years, quitting by willpower alone is not likely to succeed. Out of the thousands of people trying to stop, 100 people tried it cold turkey, and only five succeeded for as long as six months. Therefore, while some can go this way, 95% of most people cant. The reason is that it all comes down to the nature of the addiction.

What is Addiction?

It is a chronic disease changing your brain’s structure and other parts of your body. It mainly affects your decision-making behavior for controlling and learning. It happens on a primitive level, often bypassed by your brain at a higher functioning level.

While you still need the determination to quit, going cold turkey is not an effective quit method. Willpower is your recovery tool to help you focus and prepare plans to stop. Unfortunately, as smoking addiction functions on a different level, it is not effective in controlling your cravings.

How Can You Quit Smoking Effectively

The best way is to follow these steps to stick to your quit plan setting yourself up for a quitting success. Furthermore, you can join a digital quit plan program by joining a support group to make your quit last.

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