Is Organic or Natural Smoking an Alternative?

Labels with “organic,” additive-free, or “natural” imply safer, healthier choices for tobacco. But does it really make smoking safer? Is it a better alternative when you try to quit smoking?

Yes, we know you have seen the latest craze in smoking Natural America Spirit cigarettes. Maybe you are thinking of swapping out your brand with this alternative thinking it is less harmful. The truth is that 64% of smokers actually believe this. However, is it true?

Is it a Healthier Solution?

Whether you want to swap your brand or quit, there is no such thing as safe even with organic tobacco without additives. All cigarettes, even those marked additive-free, natural, or organic, has harmful substances:

  • Heavy metal
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Tar

No matter what tobacco you inhale when burnt is harmful to your lungs. Nevertheless, why do people still think it is dangerous?

Misleading Advertising

When it comes to advertising, the descriptors, packaging, and other aspects are misleading. Manufacturers want people to believe their product is harmless. Now Natural American Spirit is a significant cigarette brand that does that. A study confirmed that up to 60% of adults think that the brand is harmless compared to the Marlboro brand.

So what is the Truth

The truth is that the brand is as dangerous as any other cigarette brand. Unfortunately, the labels provide smokers with a misconception about harmful they are. As a result, it is misleading, making more people want to try the product encouraging smoking instead of quitting.

Even the Food and Drug Administration has re-looked the labeling instructing Santa Fe Natural Tobacco to remove the terms additive-free and natural from their labels. The reason is that the promotional material constitutes reduced-harm claims, as it has not received the agency’s approval.

The company can still use natural that is part of the brand name but not organic. Furthermore, other companies such as Truth Initiatives urged the FDA to take action against Santa Fe and Reynolds American for marketing their products without approval regarding them not being harmful.

Furthermore, they want the FDA to prohibit the use of the cigarettes as it is illegally on the market.

A Word from Better Health Mag

Suppose you are a smoker or trying to quit smoking. In that case, there is no alternative cigarette that is not harmful to your body. Even smoking one cigarette, no matter what brand, damages your vital organs. Smoking is deadly and addictive, even if you are smoking kale. Furthermore, no matter how much we would like it to be true, sipping a mixed berry smoothie that is antioxidant-laden is a healthier option. If you need help to quit smoking, prepare to quit with a plan of action.

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