Make Your Quitting Better With a Good Deed

There is an old saying, do good to feel good. 

When you do good deeds to others, it makes life a little better for you. The fact is research shows that when you do something nice to another person, it makes your day better.

Do Random Acts of Kindness

One crucial thing when a craving hit is to distract your mind for a couple of minutes. In addition, what better way to do this than helping a friend or relative or even a co-worker.

For example, you can take a walk and place your neighbor’s newspaper on their porch. You can even give a kind comment to the checkout person at your grocery store if the last person was grumpy with them.

Alternatively, hold the door open for another person with their hands full of groceries. The small actions keep your mind focus on other people’s needs and not only your own. Furthermore, it helps cope with your cravings to pass. Finally, it takes little time, and it costs you nothing.

Good Deeds Go Far Beyond Coping with the Urge to Smoke

By doing good deeds to others, it helps you focus outwards towards others. You step outside your world for a while and have positive effects that help reduce your stress at the same time. When you manage your stress, it plays a crucial role when you stop smoking. As you care for others in turn, it relieves your stress and is a great way to remain smoke-free.

Plan Your Good Deeds

When you do good to others, you do it on purpose and different from what you usually do. How is it different? For example, you’re stuck in traffic, another person cuts you off, and you start screaming at them. It is not a good deed, as doing it takes planning.

When you plan, you pay attention, becoming mindful of what you do. These can be from running errands for family or friends. On the other hand, you can make a batch of cookies for someone that helped you with a favor.

By planning your good deeds, you start to understand what makes another person happy. You can even do a good deed for a complete stranger or volunteer your time at a soup kitchen.

A Word from Better Health Magazine

Many studies have shown that one good deed leads to many more. Once you perform an act of kindness, it makes you happier. The best part is that the more content you become, the likeliness you will accomplish more acts of kindness to others. In turn, you will relieve your stress related to quitting smoking, and when you look back, you will be smoke-free. So get working on your plans of good deeds you want to perform. You have nothing to lose.

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