The Best Boosting Tips for a Successful Quit

A fact is that more people are turning to the internet to quit smoking.

The truth is that adult smokers in the U.S. alone 12 million of them are looking online for information and resources to quit. Are you trying to quit smoking? Then the chance is that the internet can help you quit increasing your chance of success. How with the following tips you can make the most of online resources and tools.

Boost Your Success with a Quit Program

So how does a quit program online help you to quit?

You can create a customized quit plan!

Every tobacco user has a unique experience when quitting. However, with the right combination of skills and tools, you can be successful. With a digital quit-smoking program, for example, Truth Initiative collaborated with Mayo Clinic (BecomeAnEX) you can create a plan to start living tobacco-free.

The program will lead you through different steps to customize your quit plan:

·         From setting your quit date

·         Help identify your smoking triggers

·         And learn how to beat those triggers

Through the process, you learn about your needs and the nature of your addiction. The knowledge prepares you when quitting and helps sustain you through your journey. With the program, it teaches you:

·         Brain chemistry

·         Coping with withdrawal

·         And why cold turkey is not effective for all

You Connect with Online Communities

A major component of using an online quit program is that it provides you with social support making a huge difference. A study done by the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that a user who wants to quit and is more socially connected is more likely to succeed.

Engaging with other smokers you get 24/7 support. You build a relationship with others going through the same experience. You can talk to current and former smokers using private messages, a message board, or a blog. The truth is that you need not go through quitting alone. Sharing your experience helps strengthen the road to recovery and can help someone else along the same path as you.

Another Consideration NRT

With your digital quit-smoking program, you can combine it with a nicotine replacement therapy product using gum or lozenges. In combination, you can get one-on-one coaching to help you decide what NRTs work and might even get it delivered to your home. Alternatively, you can always sign up for a free Quitting guide by Dr. Alan Schweitzer to get you started here.

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