How CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking

How CBD Can Help You Quit Smoking

Yes, we know there has been a lot of debate in the past about CBD. Now, you might be wondering how CBD can help me to quit smoking and does it work. You may feel your pack-a-day habit is not that bad and socially normalized as drinking alcohol. Yet, it remains the most addictive substance freely available on the market.

Still, as with any other addiction, being dependent on cigarettes is a habit. The brain creates links like seeing another person smoking or associating your cigarette with your morning coffee, amplifying the desire to smoke. The best part it is legal and widely available.

Yet stopping is half of the battle, and once you decide to quit, you face nicotine withdrawal. So yes, it is challenging for most soon-to-be-former smokers. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself mentally as breaking the habit is hard.

But what if we told you it does get easier the longer you do not smoke and even better that CBD can help you quit smoking for good. Not believing us, then read on.

CBD Helps You to Quit Smoking

Using CBD to quit smoking has loads of benefits to offer when stopping. Many studies show that cannabidiol can help you with cravings and withdrawal symptoms to prevent slipping into those old habits. Quitting smoking is a process that needs mental, emotional, and physical preparation. With the help of CBD, together with other strategies, it makes things simpler to prevent relapsing later down the line. But before we get to how CBD can help, let’s first see why you need to ditch your smokes.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

When you put down that last cigarette, everything changes related to your health. You can expect:

  • Reduced cancer risk is one of the biggest concerns for smokers. Yes, it will not happen immediately, but it lessens the risk of kidney, lung, bladder, and eosophagal cancer after a couple of years.
  • Your blood circulation improves after two weeks to prevent heart attacks as your oxygen level increases.
  • You enjoy what you eat as your taste and smell improve as there is no more damage in the nerve endings of the mouth and nose.
  • The best part your immune system gets strong to fight against colds and other viruses.

So How Can CBD Help

Cannabinoids are not soluable of nature and hydrophobic meaning it does not bond with water. So to make it liquid soluble, the CBD needs to be isolated into tiny molecules to dissolve. However, when broken into small particles, it is a water-compatible product blending with the liquid molecules. The emulsion helps the oily cannabidnoid nanoparticles to dissolve without beading in the liquid. Further, it provides a fast absorption in your body as it is broken down enough to pass through your bloodstream into the cells. So if you buy CBD sachets, it provides a faster effect than using edibles or other NRT related products.

Will CBD Really Aid in Nicotine Addiction

While research is limited, some studies show that CBD can help with your nicotine addiction. For example, the University College of London did a pilot study in 2013 done over a week. The researchers tested how potential the effect of CBD had on 24 dependent smokers. They divided them into two groups. Twelve received a CBD inhaler, while the other 12 received a placebo inhaler. Participants had to use them every time they wanted to smoke. The participants with the CBD inhaler smoked 40% fewer cigarettes than they would daily. Unfortunately, while the other group did not fare that well. Yet, a recent study on cocaine and morphine addiction showed that CBD can break the cycle of different habits.  However, further research needs done to investigate the CBD benefits on tobacco addiction. Yet, it displays an immense potential for using vapes with the findings to curb the cravings.

How Does CBD Ease Withdrawal Symptoms Caused by Smoking

The first signs of withdrawal you can notice within a couple of days after lighting your last cigarette. These include emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. Some common symptoms are anxiety, headaches, increased appetite, high blood pressure, mood issues. The problem is these symptoms easily make you go back to smoking as it causes discomfort. So to ease the process is essential, and this is where CBD benefits start.

  • It helps reduce that anxious feeling when not smoking. With CBD oil, you can reduce your anxiety and stress. It is a sustainable and healthier option to make you relax.
  • CBD helps ease your physical discomfort as its antiemetic and anti-inflammatory properties help alleviate nausea and headaches.
  • You will sleep better as it helps you relax, as restorative sleep happens when you quit smoking.
  • Lastly, it reduces the cravings to smoke, and you need not wear an elastic wrist snapper or use a distracting tool.

While you can use CBD oil, you also can use a CBD vape as it is equivalent to a cigarette. So instead of inhaling harmful smoke, you only inhale goodness. But that is not all. It is discrete and contains pure CBD isolate derived from coconut MCT oil concentrated to work fast into the bloodstream.

Or you can use a CBD oil that works for pain relief, improving sleep, or other products. Other options are CBD powder, CBD beverages, and edibles.

Give CBD a Try to Stop Smoking

As you can see, CBD has loads of benefits if you do want to quit smoking. It is a natural way to kick the habit and helps you make an overall lifestyle change making a difference in your life.

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