Introducing Ways Hemp Can Help You Stop Smoking

Introducing Ways Hemp Can Help You Stop Smoking

Are you part of the millions suffering from tobacco addiction? Unfortunately, no matter how you try to quit smoking, it does not go well. You have attempted nicotine patches or gum, but it does not curb those cravings of your nicotine dependency. That is why many people are turning to hemp as a solution to kick the habit.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a cannabis plant that comprises medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD (cannabidiol). The plant has hundreds of cannabinoids in its chemical makeup. Yet, CBD is a potent cannabinoid without psychoactive reactions. Therefore, as a tobacco user, you have a better chance to quit smoking when you consume a modest CBD amount every day. The best part is you can find it available as a CBD oil, CBD vape, and CBD smoke.

It Feels Like a Normal Cigarette

Yes, you can now find CBD available in a cigarette to use without the psychological factor attached to smoking hemp. Instead, using the cigarette helps with hand-to-mouth use as they are dependent on the habit. So to refrain from smoking, why not smoke hemp.

You get to enjoy a similar experience as smoking tobacco as you hold it in your hand to the light and stick it in your mouth. It makes you feel like you’re smoking and trains the brain to ignore smoking a tobacco cigarette. The smokable sticks look like cigarettes without the harmful chemicals known to make you sick.

CBD Helps Alleviate Your Withdrawal Symptoms

Yes, nicotine is more addictive than heroin and cocaine. Once you try to stop, those withdrawal symptoms kick in, leaving you agonized. You cannot sleep and get stressed about everything leading to headaches and an increase in your appetite.

There are no side effects when using hemp as it helps relieve the symptoms and urge to smoke tobacco. When smoking, the CBD helps reduce your blood pressure and makes you relaxed to sleep. So the chemical properties alters the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to make you calmer with a positive outlook in life. The reason is that your central nervous system works with two neurotransmitters creating calmness in your mind. These are serotonin and dopamine hormones that are the feel-good hormones.

When you work out at the gym, it increases the production of both these hormones to make you feel relaxed. Yet, when you smoke nicotine, the opposite happens. The chemical stops the central nervous system from producing neurotransmitters. Yes, you feel great for a while as it alters the endocannabinoid. But when it wears off you want more nicotine. If you do not get your fix, it makes you feel anxious and nervous.

Smoking CBD reverses those withdrawal symptoms to restore the neurotransmitter production to give a calm and more sedated feeling. As your body produces more neurotransmitters naturally, the withdrawal symptoms lessen.   

Enjoy All Natural Ingredients

When you smoke the hemp flower it is tobacco, chemical, and nicotine free. It is 100% natural with a potent CBD extract suitable for smoking. The flavor is better and provides you with a natural yet healthy ingredient to smoke. The fact is that CBD is a non-toxic part of the plant. While it does not change your brain function, it can restore your brain function altered by using nicotine for years.

CBD is Legal

The hemp smoke contains less than 0.3% THC, providing a psychoactive experience making it legal to use. Further, it saves you money. However, you need not consume it as regularly as tobacco as it has long-lasting sedative effects. So if you have tried many NRTs to help you quit smoking, hemp might just be the answer to quit smoking forever.

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