What is the Best Way to take CBD for Health Benefits

On the market, you get various cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. While the study only started recently, one, in particular, shows potential health benefits of CBD. Unlike its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it is non-intoxicating and does not get you high. Yet, research is still ongoing and not yet regulated by the FDA. The only CBD product approved is Epidiolex for epilepsy.

Yet many trusted sources show that CBD can help protect your nerves from damage and is a potent anti-inflammatory. In addition, you can use it for different conditions such as pain or anxiety. Further, researchers found it can even help with treating Alzheimer’s.

But what is the best way to consume CBD to see what works best for you? Here you can find a quick guide to help.

What to Look Out For in a CBD Product

Before choosing how to take your product, the first step is to know a couple of things when shopping for the best CBD.

Choose a Product With a Full or Broad-Spectrum

Choose one with a broad or full-spectrum instead of an isolate or distilled one when selecting CBD oil. With these, you will get a full scope of the health benefits. The reason is that a full-spectrum oil contains all the cannabinoids, including CBD and a bit of THC.

While broad-spectrum oils contain mostly CBD but not THC. The research found that when you use both CBD and THC, it works better together than taking them alone. Both these spectrums are also less processed and help preserve the volatile organic compounds of hemp or cannabis. These include terpenes that affect the smell and taste of the product that has all the medical benefits.

Are the Products Lab Tested

As most products are not regulated by the FDA, the importance of what you buy is crucial. First, check to see if the products are lab-tested by a third party. Doing this allows you to know what you are putting in your body.

Is the Hemp or Cannabis U.S. Grown and Organic

Choose organically grown products in the U.S. as it is subject to agricultural regulations and not allowed to contain more than 0.3% THC. In addition, when products have organic ingredients, the likeliness of consuming chemicals and pesticides is less.

Different CBD Products You can Choose

Here are some ways you can consume the CBD to find out what works best for your needs:


Using edibles is a discreet and great way to try CBD. You can find them available in truffles, mints, to gummies to mask the weed taste. Yet, it is subject to the first-pass effect as the CBD is partially broken down. So it can take up to two hours for the CBD to take effect. Further, you might only absorb up to 30% of it.

Sublingual Products

Many of the edibles contain preservatives and sugar. So if you instead want to avoid these, then a sublingual product might be for you. These include tinctures to place under your tongue. It is made with cannabis or hemp flowers soaked in alcohol or oil. Other products are tablets, oils, and sprays. When you leave the CBD to absorb under the tongue, it does not move through your digestive tract and preserves more of it for full results.


You apply CBD topical directly to your skin and find them infused with balms, salves, creams, and lotions. For treating pain or skin conditions such as eczema, using a CBD topical works well. When applying CBD gel, it helps reduce joint swelling with excellent results. So when choosing your product, get one that includes camphor, menthol, or capsaicin for the best results.

Vaping CBD

While you can smoke the cannabis flower in a joint, another method is using a vaporizer with a cartridge. With vaping, the CBD goes directly into the bloodstream to feel the effects faster than other methods. You will feel the results in 10 minutes as you absorb up to 56% of CBD.

Yet, you are exposing yourself to carcinogens when smoked in a joint. With vaping, you heat the oil, and it is below the point of combustion. There is still a debate on how safe it is. If you choose to vape, it is best to dodge CBD cartridges with a carrier such as:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Or a thinning agent

The reason is that in recent studies, they found it could damage lung tissue.

Discuss Using CBD with Your Doctor

While you can find different ways to consume CBD, it all comes down to finding the best way that works for you. Still, before trying any CBD product talk to your doctor first. It helps if you are on medication as the CBD might not react well with your prescription from blood thinners, antibiotics, or antidepressants. Further, hemp-derived CBD products are legal with federal law, and best to check with your state laws before buying.

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